urban weather

I always wondered what to make of goodreads and its reviews, then some-one comes along and writes something nice, so you decide its probably ok after all.
Thanks for a reader called Columbus from Texas for his comments about my novel URBAN WEATHER:

“Urban Weather is a complex and thrilling account of modern life and challenges posed by technology in todays world. I found it an engaging read, well structured and provocative in terms of some of the tasks we will face with the advent of the connected society. The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), I find has been handled in a credible and understandable way for readers like myself who had not been familiar with the complexities of this technology and the associated implications for society. Without exception I found all of the characters to be cold and dislikable, consistent with the type of individual one might expect to be engaged in the assassination business. All in all I fully enjoyed Urban Weather and can whole heartedly recommend it. ”

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