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Scotland – Falklands of the North Atlantic.

The Scottish people might ask themselves why so many EU people seem to welcome the idea of admitting an independent Scotland to the EU post-Brexit. Do Europeans have a weakness for kilts and whisky, or the Scots’ famed generosity and … Continue reading

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Brexit – good for Europe?

The EU is failing and it ought to be too important to fail. To recover some semblance of political development, Brexit could be welcomed as an opportunity to begin the root and branch reform that puts fairness and democracy at … Continue reading

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Berlin political strategy

The local government in Berlin is run by a coalition of Social Democrats (SPD) and Conservatives (CDU), perhaps the two most sclerotic political groupings in German indeed European politics. One of the local newspapers recently defined their joint political strategy … Continue reading

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urban weather

I always wondered what to make of goodreads and its reviews, then some-one comes along and writes something nice, so you decide its probably ok after all. Thanks for a reader called Columbus from Texas for his comments about my … Continue reading

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The European inability to resolve the Greek economic crisis is as remarkable for the things which haven`t happened, as for those (mainly hours/days/weeks of meaningless high level negotiations) which have. How Finance Ministers find the time to sit around in … Continue reading

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UK Election – The Missing Parties

Once the votes have been counted, this coming weekend Britain’s leading politicians will start meetings to see who can build a coalition to form a government. No-one can now say what that government’s policies and strategies might be. The British … Continue reading

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a movie to see

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posts and comments

Keep the comments coming. I appreciate articulate debate. So far on the blog there are 176 comments which have been trashed as spam. There are another 89 which have been blocked as trash. While the attempts to register by known … Continue reading

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Defragmenting Europe

The German proposal to amend the Lisbon Treaty, which provides the basic framework for running the European Union, provides a good opportunity for member states and the people of Europe to reformulate its workings, rather as we clean up a … Continue reading

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wither walled-gardens

Blackberry’s technical problems highlight the online issue of walled gardens and the need for the internet to be sustained as a broad based framework both for content and its delivery. Blackberry have been joined in the doghouse today by NetFlix, … Continue reading

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